About LOG
LOG stands for the League of Ordinary Gentlemen. These gentlemen are by no means ordinary. They are a group of professionals from various industries such as investment, property, funds, legal…etc. These gentlemen are extremely well connected and successful in their industries. They are also very socially conscious. LOG’s founders wanted to give back to the society for what they have earned. The idea started with a few highly motivated individuals and quickly caught on. They then started recruiting members who share the same vision and mission. These gentlemen used their influence to create a social and economic force to benefit the less fortunate in society.

LOG was established in 2005 and obtained NPO status in early 2007.

By December 2008, LOG has over 100 members from over 20 industries. We continue to utilize our experience and diverse business connections to achieve our mission.



In 2006, LOG started an initiative on the education of poor rural children in China.


LOG’s mission is to help children of poor families in China to obtain a decent, basic level of education. We strife to achieve our mission by:

  1. Building elementary schools in rural impoverished towns and villages where school access is severely limited or inconvenient.
  2. Offering donations/grants for textbooks and educational expenses.
  3. Organizing extra-curricular activities to broaden the children’s vision and enhance their social skills.


We believe a decent basic education is the first step for these children and families to get out of the vicious cycle of poverty and misery. We believe by educating children, they will be able to develop a sense of dignity and respect for others and society.

We also believe helping poor rural children in China is a way of our members to pay back society for what they have earned. Our members could also broaden their minds by witnessing first-hand the dire situation of poor rural families in China.